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Every year, our Bowring Park lights up around christmas time and becomes a popular place for families and visitors to visit during the holidays.  Its great for families and pets to stroll along during the holidays, while enjoying the festive lights put up by the cit

Hiking Stiles Cove Path in winter

Great hiking day on Stiles Cove Path on a sunny winter weekend morning.  Fresh and crispy air, gorgeous view of the ocean and icy cliffs can refresh our body and soul in no time.  We all got our ice grippers or cramp-ons and hiking poles to ensure our hiking journey was safe and enjoyable.   Stiles Cove path is always one of the best trails we love of all the East Coast Trails. 

The sun was out all morning.  Today, we hiked for about 6 km from Flat Rock side to Pouch Cove side of the Stiles Cove Path of the East Coast trail. The temperature was about -5 with little wind.  The trail was very icy as predicted as the temperature went down to -8 or so the last few nights after a snowfall.  Winter hiking is just SO MUCH FUN.  Can't wait to do it again.