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About Alick's Photography

My page is to highlight my love for photography and to share my passion with my friends. I love taking scenic pictures as well as doing Concerts, Weddings and Events. I love to capture all the beautiful things in life and share with the world. I believe the positivity in life will always inspire me to use my photography to pursuit the happiness that is all around us.

Attracted by the absolute beauty of nature and tranquility in Newfoundland Labrador, I moved here since the 1980's.  I always love to visit every nooks and crannies in the spring, summer, fall and even winter to capture the fall colors, rugged shoreline, wildlife and everything in between in my travels.

Please browse around all the photo galleries in the different pages on this site, I have showcased a couple hundreds of picture samaples that I took in the last few years.  With time, I will have more pictures to share with you.  I warmly welcome you to revisit my site regularly.  

If you like my pictures, they can be available at any size, matted or not matted, framed or on canvas for your enjoying pleasure at anytime.  Just message me ( or ( and your picture can be printed to your needs to keep or as a gift to your friend.

I also have great experience in capturing event photography, being chief photographer for music festivals including the NL Folks Festival, Iceberg Jazz Blues Festival, and fund raising Gala events.  For your event photography or wedding photography, please contact me and I will be more than happy to discuss your photography needs with you. 

In addition to my photography page, my gallery can also be viewed at which highlights many of my ongoing photography adventures.

Thanks for visiting my site. Please feel free to introduce my site to your friends and return soon as I frequently update my gallery.  

All written contents and photographs on this site are copyrighted (c) Alick Tsui Photography.  

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