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Every year, our Bowring Park lights up around christmas time and becomes a popular place for families and visitors to visit during the holidays.  Its great for families and pets to stroll along during the holidays, while enjoying the festive lights put up by the cit

Kubasonics Malanka - celebrating Ukranian New Year in Newfoundland

The Kubasonics is a Newfoundland band with Ukranian roots.  Their music is a fusion of Folk-Ukranian-Traditional-Newfoundland high energy tunes.  A lot of traditional Ukranian musical instruments are being used by the band including tsymbaly, drymba and hurdy-gurdy.  The band leader Brian Cherwick used all these instruments at the Malanka celebration at its "Kubasonics - Malanka 2018".  Each member even dressed up for the occasion,  not just in traditonal Ukranian costumes but in all sorts of disguises, similar to our Newfoundland mummers.  Even though most or all songs were not sung in English, Brian did a good job explaining the stories behind the songs and added a lot of fun and humour to them.

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I particularly love their opening act with their long horn instrument.  Their music was very rhythmic and easily to tap or dance to.  At this event, they even served their fans with a tasty traditional perogies and  ukranian vegetable soup which were included with their tickets to the event. 

Very surprised that people only started crowding the stage and danced after the break.  People were chanting, dancing and having a great time right to the last song.  This year's Malanka celebration was even better than last year's.     

For more pictures, please click onto my link to Kubasonics at Malanka 2018

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