Alick Tsui Photography

Iceberg Season

Some icebergs chasing experience in NL for 2019

“Icebergs in my neighbourhood”

Icebergs are amazing. I have been chasing icebergs for over 10 years now. Icebergs can come down to the Avalon peninsula as early as first week in April. These gentle giants come all the way from Greenland to Newfoundland waters can take a path of 2 years, breaking up into smaller slices from its glaciers up north and find their way into different waterways in Newfoundland. Twilligate is often known as the gateway to “Iceberg Alley” in Newfoundland.

Picture on the right “Ice Dragons” was taken this May in the town of Bonavista from the shore.

Bonavista is about 320 km north of St. John’s and s near the tip of the Bonavista Peninsula. When the North-East wind is strong in the winter months, icebergs will start to appear once the drifted packed ice are gone. Here are some pictures taken from Bonavista the first weekend in May.. (coming soon….)